Papercut Seller and Template Designer Trackers


Product Description

Feeling a little disorganised with your Papercut hobby/business?

I have created this pack to try and help keep control of where you are with things and stop things spiralling out of control.

Trackers included are :

o Template Tracker
o Cut Listing Tracker
o Template Design Tracker
o Individual Papercut Cost Tracker
o Font Tracker
o Template Listing Tracker

I have kept the design plain so that any branding you already have will not be cluttered by a ‘new’ different one. I have also made the trackers all on landscape a4 so that you can keep them all together in one folder and not have to swivel it with every page turned.

PLEASE NOTE: this is for a digital download. You will receive a zip file containing the pdf trackers which you will then need to print yourself.

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