Cat and Dog Papercut Template set
Cat and Dog Papercut Template setCatPapercutTemplateDog Papercut Template

Cat and Dogs Papercut Template Set



Product Description

This is a set of two papercuts which I think look lovely when put together !
One is my Cat design with the cats crawling all over the place, and the other is the dogs lazing around.

All you need to do is cut away the white area. (the design is in very light grey)

You will receive two pdfs in reverse (as papercuts are done backwards). One of the Dogs and one of the Cats

If you prefer just the cat version of this it can be found here

If you prefer just the dog version of this it can be found here


You will receive files with the design and wording in reverse

All you need to do is print out the images on the card/paper stock, cut out the grey, then turn them over.



♥ You May sell any cuts you make from this template on a small scale
♥ It is not permitted to sell or share the template.
♥ You may not amend the template other than to resize it
♥ Please credit Peppermint Purple as the designer when sharing images online
♥ Please do not use these papercut templates for any other items. These are for papercuts only

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