How To Papercut

Due to the knife handling required I would recommend this activity for 12+ years.

Tools Required:

  • Craft Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Printer (or access to one)
  • Paper/Card – Any thickness is possible (to your comfort and requirements) but I would advise against the paper being too thin (it rips easily) or too thick (harder to cut through)

How to cut Papercut Templates

  1. Download the design you have chosen to your pc. NB: The design will be in reverse as cuts are always done form the back.
  2. Resize it according to the frame or card size you require.
  3. Then print. I always print my designs directly onto the paperstock I want to be the finished article, but some print onto paper then secure this paper to the back of the paperstock…whichever is your preference.
  4. Place the paperstock onto the cutting board and begin cutting away the centre (throwaway) bits. Do it this way so you can dispose of the small cutaway bits one at a time rather than trying to cut the bit you want to be left with.

That’s it really, you are good to go.

Now all you need is a steady hand and practise, practise, practise, ooh and cut out of corners not into them !

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